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Our mission is to provide no- to low-cost literacy instruction to underserved struggling readers to enable them to become successful readers. Whether you're interested in being a volunteer or a concerned parent, York County Reads is here to answer all your questions about our approach. The truth is that while we focus on dyslexia, almost anyone can learn to read using this approach; they do NOT have to have a diagnosis of dyslexia! 

On average, students tutored 30 or more times showed the following progress:

Word attack improved 36%.

Fluency and comprehension increased by 1 grade level.

Students have more confidence in and out of the classroom.

Your child may qualify for free or reduced-rate literacy instruction. Contact for more details!

Our Impact

"Our daughter, Ali, was a struggling first-grader. She always loved stories and language but did not have the tools to participate in the world of words that she loved. We entered the tutoring program and quickly we were amazed by her progress. Her tutor was dedicated, patient and fun. Ali loves her sessions...Now she is reading whatever she can...We couldn't be more grateful."

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