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Tutor Training Class in April!
Contact Lissa Felzer for more details:


York County Reads is a registered 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to provide no- to low-cost literacy instruction to underserved, struggling students to enable them to become successful readers.

Not everyone learns the same, and at York County Reads we acknowledge the differences and help struggling young readers get the tutoring and attention they need to be successful. Using multi-sensory learning and our own structured approach, our method has proven to give results to students in our program. 



Why low-income students?

C. H., Tega Cay

"Our daughter, Ali, was a struggling first-grader. She always loved stories and language but did not have the tools to participate in the world of words that she loved. We entered the tutoring program and quickly we were amazed by her progress. Her tutor was dedicated, patient and fun. Ali loves her sessions...Now she is reading whatever she can...We couldn't be more grateful."

L. W., Fort Mill

"I started tutoring in March 2023. My first-grade student struggles with ADHD and dyslexia. It has been really fun watching his reading skills and confidence progress. Now that we know each other, we also get a few laughs in during every session. I love being able to 'give back' in an educational setting, and being a tutor has taught me a lot about the English language--like what a digraph is!"

L. F., Rock Hill

"I have been working with my student for almost one year and his progress has been incredible. I have watched him go from being unwilling to tackle any reading passages to reading them with confidence. His classroom teacher reported early on: 'I don't know what you are doing with him, but he returns to my classroom every time with a smile on his face and a new found sense of confidence.' What could be better than that?"

L. B., Rock Hill

"Being part of York County Reads as a tutor has been an incredibly fulfilling and remarkable experience, as I've had the privilege of witnessing the tremendous growth and progress of the students I've worked with. 
It's truly inspiring to see  remarkable transformations in the students' academic abilities and self-confidence.
It's an honor to be involved in a program that actively promotes literacy and education in our community, offering us a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on students' lives and help them unlock their full potential.


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