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Want to make a positive impact in the lives of local children? If you have a passion for working with kids and advancing literacy, this is the right place for you! At York County Reads, our mission depends on our volunteers and we value them deeply.


You will be trained in a variety of techniques and curriculum that has proven to work with individuals both with and without dyslexia. York County Reads provides each tutor with in-depth training using the Orton-Gillingham approach, and research-based reading materials from a variety of sources. The Orton-Gillingham approach is multisensory, prescriptive, systematic, structured, and phonetic. The curriculum is highly effective in teaching children who struggle with literacy skills because of learning differences or falling behind due to a number of barriers such as Covid, poverty, or English Language Learners (ELL). 

All volunteers must complete and pass a background check to be literacy tutors. The background checks cost a small fee which is not paid for by York County Reads

Upon completing the background check and our training, each tutor is paired with a child in the area and commits to working with them for a full semester or until the conclusion of the academic year (late May/early June). Tutors may opt to continue working with the child over the summer and into the next academic year. Tutors usually meet with their students twice a week at an after-school program in York County. A typical lesson is about 45-60 minutes long.

Because we value our tutors so much, tutor training sessions are offered throughout each year! The estimated cost of training exceeds $600 per volunteer, however, because of the commitment a tutor makes to stay with a child for the academic year, our fee is currently being waived and training is FREE, plus all trained tutors have access to extensive tutor support for the duration of their service.


So what do you get out of it?

York County Reads tutors' lives are changed when their students see the light of comprehension.  When administered properly, this program feels like a superpower for the tutor as they witness a child who has been struggling with reading and experiencing daily failures, begin to understand. Time and time again, tutors will witness moments of success and achievement each time the child’s face lights up!

Ready to get started?



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